Project Description

The Streams sculpture is a proposal for a major city public art project. The international Situate competition called for a landmark sculpture to be located in the main shopping mall of Perth, at Forrest Place.
Streams was designed by a collaborative team led by artists Vivienne Lowe, Jan Shaw and Brendan Seage, supported by Melanie Shaw – Graphic Designer. The artwork addressed issues of scale, public use, durability and maintenance, night lighting and more, while developing a creative concept for the sculpture which met the brief and budget. Streams is a stainless steel sculpture with a mirror finish with arches of steel up to 11.5metres high. The form takes inspiration from the kangaroo paw, W.A.’s floral emblem, while introducing the concept of the State’s treasures – water, earth, opals and gold with choreographed night lighting. It’s reflective qualities allow for individual interaction of viewer to the sculpture while allowing for adequate pedestrian flow through the space, and minimises longterm maintenance of the structure.