Global Core V

Materials: Mixed Media
Dimensions (mm): 380H X 380 DIAMETER
Comments: Global Core  represents choices in our world. Choices that we all have on a local level that can have global ramifications. The “complementary” word pairings we utilize in everyday language illustrates our decision making choices.

Core Installation

Materials: CERAMIC
Dimensions (mm): 380H X 380 DIAMETER EACH
Comments: Core I represents our inner emotions – the “core of our being”. It is the metaphorical storage vessel of each individual’s inner strength and resilience for life.

Core III introduces the role of fate in our lives. It has seals exhibiting 9 trigrams; each trigram represents an affirmative life message from the I-Ching.

Core V has the double dragon image, a particularly auspicious visual that also represents strength and good fortune.

The three “Core” sculptures together, make a unified and positive statement about life.

Core V (Dragon Core)

Materials: CERAMIC
Dimensions (mm): 380H x 380W X 380D
Comments: This is one of the “Core” series of sculptures where the “core” represents the inner being.
The dragon image represents strength and good fortune.

Dragon Drum

Dimensions (mm): 380 DIAMETER X 270H
Comments: Dragon Drum was exhibited in the “Drum” exhibition at Bondi Pavillion.
It has two different dragon images in glass on the ceramic tiles around the sides of the drum as the double dragon is an auspicious element