Materials:                 Transparent Resin & steel Dimensions:             1200 mm  wide x 450 mm deep x  260 mm high Artist's Statement:  Short  for glissando – meaning to glide from one pitch to another.  The structure of the sculpture emulates the flow of the glissando as your run your hands over the keys.  The work is a joyful piece in the colours of the rainbow evoking a happy mood. Price:                         $2,200  


Lotus Effect

Materials:          Wire and Steel Dimensions:      630mm H x 830mm W x 260mm D Artist's Statement: Simple water droplets on a lotus leaf inspired this sculpture. It was fascinating to find that these beautifully rounded forms of water were called “ultrahydraphobic”- meaning the leaf structure itself repels water and dirt particles and this scientifically speaking,  was the “Lotus Effect”.  The Lotus flower is both a symbol of love and purity, while it’s leaves represent mankind with his roots in the earth and leaves aspiring to the heavens. To me, this symbolism is also part of the [...]