Rhythm of the Heart (large)

Materials:                 Caste Bronze on Granite Base Dimensions (mm): 1700H X 800W X 800D Artist's Statement: It comes from the heart and touches the soul: - the special bond between parent & child  The essence of the Rhythm of the Heart sculpture is a positive, spiritual connection between mother and child, creating a sense of quiet calm. There is an ambiguity of meaning in Rhythm of the Heart: where the physical heartbeat and the emotional heart are fused into one. In the literal sense, the heartbeat connects the mother and child; from the early [...]


Body Form II

Materials: CERAMIC Dimensions (mm): 380H x 410W X 420D Comments: The abstracted figure in the Body Form Series is an organic form which exhibits a sensual aspect of the female figure. The bulkiness of the form is a commanding presence, while contrastingly, the eyeball-like bust reveals a playful, coquettish facet of her personality.