Project Description

This is one part of a newly completed commission for a public sculpture, large front of building bas relief screens and car park screens for the Long Tan RSL Lifecare facility in Newcastle.

The Sculpture is titled ‘Valour’ and commemorates Major Peter Badcoe who served in Vietnam and the servicemen who fought in the Battle of Long Tan, Vietnam.

The Valour Sculpture stands 2.5metres tall and is made of stainless steel and glass. In creating the concept for the sculpture, I used an analogy of a native seed pod releasing its seed in times of stress such as in a bushfire. This is a survival of the species mechanism.  In war, in times of extreme stress and literally under fire, acts of bravery are exemplified in the heroic deeds of Major Badcoe & the Long Tan soldiers. In my sculpture, the stainless steel pod represents our soldiers and their bravery is symbolised in glass seed  by the colours of Major Badcoe’s medal ribbons.