Over the last decade, I have studied sculpture under the tuition of several locally reknown sculptors such as Tom Bass, Margueritte Derricourt, Ingrid Morley and Dave Horton. In addition, my design background- stemming from my work as a landscape architect (B.L.Arch UNSW) and for a short time, as an interior designer (cert. Int. Design, SIDA) has added to my experience as a sculptor.

Both these design fields deal with 3 dimensional forms in space and the need to create a positive response to those environments. As a progression from designing environments, my sculpture is a concentrated focus on a singular 3 dimensional form in the environment. Consequently, when designing an environment or a sculpture in the environment, my aim is to create a positive experience for the onlooker.

I have experimented with many different materials and I often build an idea in clay. It may be caste later in resin or bronze or fired as a ceramic piece. Generally, the material used is what best suits the situation. For public art works, I look to durable materials such as stainless steel and bronze.